Romantic Getaways Along The Great Ocean Road Victoria

Would you like to sweep your partner off their feet? Why not plan a romantic getaway to the Great Ocean Road? This is one of the best romantic getaways in Victoria and it will show your partner a glorious time. The best thing is you won’t ever want to leave after you’ve been to our wonderful romantic getaway. You can relax with your partner in front of your own log fire and bask in each other’s company in one of the most romantic getaways that Victoria has on offer.

The great ocean road is an ideal place for those who are on their honeymoon as the sand, water, coastal breezes and good weather conditions of summer in Victoria ensure a great romantic getaway. In Lorne accommodation is plentiful  and you can find the ideal romantic cottage or villa.

The stretched shore of golden sand along the many beaches is perfect for a newly married couple who want to enjoy the serene settings of the beautiful and enchanting beaches. Sands and clear waters create the most beautiful coastline which makes it for the perfect place for your next romantic holiday.